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A new site to share discussions of chess sets and related items.

You are invited to give any comments or input you like.
(and then I will see what I will do with it 😉 )

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  1. Rob

    Hallo Joost,

    Mooi opgezet. Leuke foto’s en teksten.

    Mis nog een vragenbank waar je een foto van een gevonden set kunt uploaden onder het mom van: wie weet wat dit is, waar het vandaan komt etc.

    1. jvreij

      Hallo Rob
      Jouw suggestie voor een vragenbank vind ik geweldig, maar ik heb geen idee hoe ik dat zou kunnen realiseren.
      Heb jij een idee hoe ik dat zou kunnen? De site is in WordPress en een aantal plugins.

  2. Josh Ryan

    I don’t know if you realize that the second of your Washington sets is almost exactly identical to Washington’s actual set. It certainly looks like it was made by the same craftsman, since some very subtle details are exactly the same. Washington’s set was lent to the the World Chess Hall of Fame a few years ago by a descendant of Washington. It has stayed in the family since 1780. I have attached a pair of pictures of the set from the World Chess Hall of Fame article. The article is still posted on their website.

    1. jvreij

      Hello Josh
      Thank you for your comment and the picture.
      Indeed I was aware of the similarities but there are also some subtle differences: a.o. shape of (stems of) bishops and pawns.
      But sets of these period are all made by hand and no 2 one are the same. Unfortunately I do not know the maker.

  3. Porat

    Here is a set, recently acquired from a seller in Hamburg, which seems to combine German Regency and German Toy styles. I am referring to your first German Toy set and your first German/Austrian Regency set. Have you come across such a hybrid before?

  4. Porat

    He got it from an outdoor antique market and has no further information. It came in a box, which is definitely from 1906, but there is no indication that the set came in such a box (hand-carved, hand-painted with floral motifs). The sets it relates to are all mid-19th century. I assume then that it is mid-late 19th perhaps even turn of century, like the box. It is very small – 65mm king.

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