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“Dublin”  (England)

England. This cute little "Dublin" set was obtained Oct. 2019 and is rather new  in my collection. This type is hard to find and normally not this small. Condition however is excellent and it has a box which is most likely original. Unfortunately an unknown maker, but it is one of my favourites.

The vegetable ivory set has a certain "Dublin" influence, as well as some "St.George". The vegetable ivory of this set is actually the inner part of the Tagua nut found in South America. Until today it is used for all kinds of objects such as chess sets, buttons, figurines and jewellery.

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  • England, "Dublin"
  • Mid 19th century
  • Boxwood + ebony K 6.0; p 3.5
  • Box 15.2×10.0×5.5
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  • England, by F.H.Ayres, "Dublin/St.George influenced"
  • ca. 1900
  • Tagua nut (vegatable ivory) K 8.6; p 4.3