Czechia  (Europe)

Czechia. These Ore Mountains sets are sold in a kind of letterbox/shelf, of which the back holds the chess board. Normally there are checker counters too. I do have only the chess pieces. See Hungary page for a set with similar rooks. On internet, at similar sets, some say these sets are Hungarian.

I have bought the 2nd set in Prague, but the pieces are made in moulds of the Irish company Prince August: PA713: Field of the Cloth of Gold: Henry VIII's side and PA714: Field of the Cloth of Gold: Francis 1st's side. The painting, which has been done very nicely, could have been done in Czechia or elsewhere.

076 02
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  • Czech, Ore mountains
  • 20th century
  • Cedar K 8.4; p 4.4
031 02
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  • Czech, Prague, Prince August moulds
  • 20th century
  • Tin K 6.2; p 5.8
  • Cassette/board 31.9×31.9×5.2