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Site history


04-02-2024 Changed homepage: contains highlights now (still Work In Progress)
25-01-2024 A number of textual changes and corrections.
Added a Spanish Taracea box with chess set, see also What’s new? page.
10-12-2023 A number of textual changes and corrections.
Added 9 sets, see also What’s new? page.
20-11-2023 A huge lot of textual changes and corrections has been made last year. Yes, a whole year!
Today I moved the figural set from Cambodia to new Nepal (Asia) and NP pages after seeing Holger Langer's book.
20-11-2022 A huge lot of textual changes and corrections.
Added 37 sets, see also What’s new? page.
01-08-2022 Made structural changes, hoping access to the site is easier now.
Did numeral textual and informative improvements and additions. Too much to mention all.
15-01-2022 A large "Staunton" ivory set added to English makers (England)“Staunton” (England), “Staunton” and alike (75) and GB
Added Whittington (4) page to TYPES.
24-12-2021 9 sets added latest on top :
30-11-2021 New home page made and non-secure issues solved
23-11-2021 Added 7 African sets which are in the collection for a long time but never published :
16-11-2021 There are several improvements made according to new insights:
  • Ghana set formerly thought of Guinea-Conakry is now on Ghana (Africa)
  • More explained about my naming of Barleycorn and related sets on “Barleycorn” (8)
  • Numerous small corrections and improvements

New home page made

07-06-2021 Moved "carved" set from Russia to Miscellaneous  (Germany) page after being informed
12-01-2021 Added a MAP where you can select countries to see the related sets.
10-10-2020 This time a major update with corrections, some reorganization and 13 new sets.

And the following 13 sets added, latest on top :

  • Finally added the images of the update of 21-03-2019
  • Added to Curiosities "Paper Chess set" by Piet Design
  • Added to Myanmar Rangoon, 2010, Glass K 8.2; p 3.3-3.7
  • Added to Brazil Recife, by José Vitalino Neto, 1994, Ceramic K 4.7; p 4.9, Board 24.4×24.4
  • Added to France "Régence", Late 19th or early 20th century, Boxwood K 9.1; p 4.5
  • Added to India "Rajasthan", 1958, Ivory K 4.7; p 2.2, Cassette 32.8×20.6×3.5
  • Added menus to each page for easier navigation (specially on mobiles)
  • Added another 1941 set to The Rose Chess page
  • I have added an interesting early 19th century Italian set
  • Added a so called "Berhampore" set to the India page
  • The 5th AppletreewickSkyreholme International Chess Tournament was a great success.
  • I have added a link to my google photo page (see Links or press here).
  • Made some improvements, a.o. 2 figural sets which were wrongly listed: a Nepal (not Cambodia) and a Vietnam (not Taiwan) set at TO LOOK AT pages.
  • Finished the TYPES pages (more or less).
  • Restructured and incremented the TYPES pages.
  • Added pages with sets sorted on type (for easy comparison) under menu option TYPES.
    For time being it are European playing sets. Maybe others will follow...
  • Added a set of the more Staunton type with a very unique box to The Rose Chess page.
  • The 4th AppletreewickSkyreholme International Chess Tournament was a great success.
  • I have added a link to my google photo page (see Links or press here).
  • Added an ivory Staunton presentation set to Germany-->"Staunton" (suggested it could be Uhlig, but...)
  • Added an ivory Selenus in original box to Germany-->"Selenus" page
  • Added an English set with a secret to the England-->Other playing page
  • Added new Other European-->Unknown-travel page with a travel set with pieces as in a Dutch set
  • Updated the Literaturelist with some new titles, but also changed the references for Magazines and Auction Catalogs by adding Volume/Issue number and dates with year-month (i.s.o. year/number)
  • Added Americas page to To Look At menu
  • Added some (not all) comments to Europe page at To Look At menu
  • Added Europe page to To Look At menu (although without text/comments)
  • Added China to Asia page
  • Added a Mexican bone Upright set
  • Added a Nuremberg and 2 Selenus sets to German page
  • Added an amusing Russia Tournament set with political motives
  • Added 6 new sets to Africa page
  • Added set, made in favor of Unicef, to Argentina page and created Columbia page
  • Started the Asia page with a typical Staunton and Moro set from the Philippines
  • Added a very interesting French Régence set with bone finials
  • Started Americas page wih interesting Argentina set
  • Finished the Africa page
  • Added Austria page (NB: text to follow...)
  • Created German "Coffeehouse" page with beautiful Ore Mountains coffeehouse set
  • Added 2 wooden German Nuremberg sets
  • Added 1 set in manner of the "Toy" sets from the Ore Mountains, Germany
  • Added 1 French Régence set of ca. 1900
  • Added 2 African Makondi sets (birds and apes!)
22-08-2016 First version actually published