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USA. The pewter Disney set has a larger variant (3 3/4"=9.5 cm), but that is much rarer as this one, which is on its turn rarer as he plastic sets. We see Mickey Mouse, Minny, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pig and the Huey, Dewey or Louie as pawns. The figures are true reproductions of original sculpture by American artist Isabelle Macrone.

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  • USA, by Disney Corporation, "Micky Mouse"
  • ca. 1970
  • Pewter K 6.9; p 3.6
  • Cassette/board 36.2×36.2×7.5

USA. This ceramic figural set has been created by Terry and Esi Ostovar, Ashland in Oregon. They made only 3 or 4 chess sets in the 80ies. Terry Ostovar is still making ceramics, but in California, USA now. You can see her work at

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  • USA, Terry & Esi Ostovar in Ashland, Oregon
  • 1980
  • Ceramic K 7.8-8.3; p 4.6-5.1

USA. The model of the 3 identical ceramic sets could origin in France 1st half of 19th century. I'm thinking on Limoges porcelain. Today you find these mainly in America in ceramic. But it is copied by many. Different artists claim this game as theirs. So did Han Theuns (Dutch trader) claim that Jackie Bouw did design it specially in honour of Gari Kasparov! King, Queen, Bishop and pawn are heads with respectively king crown, royal crown, mitre and helmet. Knight and Rook are presented as such. Sometimes these sets are referred to as Duncan chess set, which would be sold bisque, ready to paint. 1st set, of the 3 listed here, was a combined buy with other sets and is incomplete. The other 2 are gifts of which the last one is special. It had been donated in 1978 by the widow of mister G.Faber to our chess club Eureka in Best in memory of her husband. G.Faber was a member of our club and became unwell while he was playing chess against Jan Arts in 1977. Unfortunately CPR didn't help and he died the day after.

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  • USA
  • 1980
  • Ceramic K 10.7; p 7.5
  • USA
  • 1980
  • Ceramic K 10.8; p 7.4
  • USA
  • Late 20th century
  • Ceramic K 10.2; p 7.0

USA. The last ceramic set is mainly seen in USA, although I bought this one for little money in a 2nd hand shop in the Netherlands.

  • unknown origin, but mostly seen in USA
  • Bought in a 2nd hand shop in the Netherlands in 2010, but set must be older
  • Ceramic K 14.0; p 8.0