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“Lyon”/”Phrygien”  (France)

France. "Lyon" sets are called after the city Lyon, but it is not known whether the sets actually were made there. They have been produced in same period as "Directoire": from beginning 18th century till the end of it.

The "Phrygien" variation is sometimes seen as separate type.  It has Knights with a helmet in use at end of Louis XIV (1715), but Bishop's shape seems a bit later.

You see "Lyon" sets which are all bone, one side bone and other wood, or all wood sets with bone decorations. I do not know of ivory "Lyon" sets.

One typical pattern is the so called "Inverted Lyon" pattern, where bodies seem upside down and Kings and Queens have bone skirts to their bellies. I think the term "Inverted Lyon" was coined by our old friend Garrick Coleman. He certainly claimed it and thought he would at least be remembered for this if nothing else.

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  • France, "Lyon"/"Phrygien"
  • Early to mid 18th century
  • Bone + wood K 7.2; p 3.7
  • Box 26.8×10.6×6.5
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  • France, "Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Bone K 8.1; p 4.0
  • Box 27.8×16.1×6.7
  • France, "Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Wood/bone K 8.0; p 4.4
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  • France, "inverted Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Wood/bone K 7.9; p 4.4