“Lyon”  (France)

France. "Lyon" sets are called after the city Lyon, but it is not known whether the sets actually were made there.

The "Lyon" sets have been produced in same period as "Directoire": from beginning 18th century till the end of it. You see sets which are all bone, one side bone and other wood, or all wood sets with bone decorations. I do not know of ivory "Lyon" sets.

The "Phrygien" variation, sometimes seen as separate type, has Knights with a helmet in use at end of Louis XIV (1715), but Bishop's shape seems a bit later.  One typical pattern is the so called "Inverted Lyon" pattern, where bodies seem upside down and Kings and Queens have bone skirts to their bellies. I think the term "Inverted Lyon" was coined by our old friend Garrick Coleman. He certainly claimed it and thought he would at least be remembered for this if nothing else.

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  • France, "Lyon"/"Phrygien"
  • Early to mid 18th century
  • Bone/wood K 7.2; p 3.7
  • Box 26.8×10.6×6.5
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  • France, "Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Bone K 8.1; p 4.0
  • Box 27.8×16.1×6.7
  • France, "Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Wood/bone K 8.0; p 4.4
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  • France, "inverted Lyon"
  • 18th century
  • Wood/bone K 7.9; p 4.4