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This Polish chess set was bought in Berlin and, in spite of the famous Polish chest, could be German. The blue knights were absent, but it was promised to send them after. Only 1 came, so we (me, a friend and an experienced restorer) did make a copy. I did some smaller restaurations as well. Note that some pictures show the imperfections before restauration. This set is not unique, I have seen another on Ebay. Actually it is more a decorative set as a set to play with.
If someone knows what the shields and characters on the Rooks mean, please tell me...

The other abstract set was an early addition to my collection, bought from Johan van Mil and Erika Sziva in 1998. They could not tell other things about the set but it's Polish origin.

You may say that these 2 sets are more decorative as to play with. Maybe I should move them to section "To look at" ?

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  • Poland or Germany?
  • Early 20th century
  • Beech K 9.8+9.3; p 6.7
  • Box 21.5×12.5×11.8
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  • Poland
  • 20th century
  • Bolletrie K 8.0; p 3.0