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Madagascar  (Africa)

Madagascar set of above average quality.

King Andrianampoinimerinatompokoindrindra (1777-1810) founded, after domestic battle, the Merina (or Hava-) kingdom. Legend is that the kingdom was founded at the place where a spontaneous source arose when the King put down his staff on the ground. The simple staff became the King's sceptre. The Merina tribe is the largest ethnic group among the 19 Madagascar tribes and covers 26% of the population. To African standard is this large set exceptionally well carved and has a very nice table with inlay. It is one of my favourites.

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  • Madagascar, Ambositra, by Zafimaniry group
  • 1998
  • Eucalyptus K 13.4; p 11.1
  • Rosewood table/board 55.3×55.3×41.0
  • This light-brown rosewood is found in Madagascar only