“Staunton”  (England)

(John) Jaques is probably the most successful maker. At least longest existing, from 1795 till the present day. Most famous, of course, is the "Staunton" pattern, which was patented on March 1, 1849, by Nathaniel Cook, 198 Strand, London. Cook was the brother in law of Jaques. But a lot of other chess set patterns was found in their famous pattern book: "Barleycorn", "Calvert type", "Dublin", "Edinboro Upright", "St.George", etc. Jaques did invent and make a whole lot of other type of games as well and is still in business today. Here 2 Jaques "Staunton" sets.

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  • England, by Jaques, "Staunton" ("late Anderssen")
  • ca. 1865
  • Boxwood + ebony K 7.4; p 3.7
  • Box 16.0×11.6×6.8
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  • England, by Jaques, "Staunton" ("Broadbent")
  • ca. 1935
  • Boxwood + ebony K 9.7; p 5.3
  • Box 21.8×16.8×10.8

There are a lot of other makers or retailers, like Asprey, J.Barr, BCC, B&C, De La Rue, H.Dixon, C.Hastilov, W.Howard, Wedgwood, R.Whitty, to name a few. I do not have examples of all of these makers/retailers, but you can find some of them elsewhere on my site. Here a "Staunton" set of an unknown maker and a B&C "Staunton" example.

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  • England, "Staunton"
  • Late 19th century
  • Boxwood + ebony K 6.5; p 3.5
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  • England, by B&C London, "Staunton"
  • Late 19th century
  • Boxwood + ebony K 7.4; p 4.

F.H.Ayres. The business and factory of Frederick Henry Ayres, manufacturer, was situated at 111 Aldegate, London, from 1864. Here is a later "Staunton" example. I have several F.H.Ayres sets of different types, which you can find at other England pages.

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  • England, by F.H.Ayres, "Staunton"
  • ca. 1930
  • Catalin K 7.6; p 3.5
  • Box 18.2×13.3×6.8

20th century makers Mildred Rose and Britain made lead sets based on the "Staunton" design. You find them on "The Rose Chess" and Britain pages. On the Plastic page more "Staunton" sets of manufacturers like Grays of Cambridge and House Martin.