Mozambique  (Africa)

Mozambique. The Makonde are an ethnic group in southeast Tanzania and northern Mozambique. They are well known to their carvings of traditional household objects, figures and masks. Their chess sets are very recognizable with the headdress King, Queen and Bishops have, the giraffe as Knight and the traditional hut as Rook. Sets can be heads only, bustes or whole bodies. Animals like apes or birds are loved themes as well.

This set is believed to be from Mozambique. Some say that the sets from Mozambique are better carved as sets from Tanzania. At least do they have more decoration. I'm not that convinced about that theory. See Tanzania page.

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  • Mozambique, by Makonde
  • 20th century
  • ?? + African blackwood Kw 15.0; Kz 16.0; p 10.9-11.6