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Denmark  (Other European)

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Denmark. Danish sets from around 1800 are delicate. The 1st set is a nice example of an early Danish "Selenus" set. Very often you see finials in opposite colours, but not in this set. Provenance: Thomas Thomsen collection.

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  • Denmark, "Selenus"
  • ca. 1800
  • Bone K 6.2; p 3.6
  • Box 41.3×12.1×6.2

Denmark. The 2nd "Selenus" set is about the same age or a little later. It has the typical opposite colours in the finials. Further it comes in an interesting cassette (or box) with a board at the inner side of the lid. The cassette is signed by "BJ? Eriksson Stockholm". Most likely one of the previous owners, located in Sweden.

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  • Denmark or Sweden, "Selenus"
  • ca. 1820
  • Bone K 8.9; p 4.6
  • Box/board (inside lid) 27.3×27.1×5.8

Denmark. The 3rd "Selenus" set here was indicated as Danish, but it could easily have been made in Germany. I have seen similar Rooks in a Geislingen bust set. I'm not sure of the date either. Could be earlier.

There is another "Selenus" set, that could have been made in Denmark, on the Sweden page.

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  • Denmark or Germany, "Selenus"
  • ca. 1860
  • Bone K 6.7; p 3.1

Denmark. Who has not grown up with the Danish building blocks? Lego did issue several figural chess sets, but I do have only one. See Denmark  (Europe). This "Iconic Chess Set", set number 40174, is a more or less playing set.

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  • Denmark, Lego 40174, "Iconic Chess Set"
  • 2019
  • Plastic K 8.8; p 4.6
  • Box/board 25.5×25.5×4.6

Denmark. Who has not grown up with the Danish building blocks? A rare specially released set by Bricklink to celebrate the 60th birthday of LEGO. Bricklink, since 26 November 2019 part of LEGO Group, has its AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) design program, where, in collaboration with LEGO fans, certified LEGO sets in limited edition are released.

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  • Denmark, Bricklink (since 26 November 2019 part of LEGO Group)
  • Set BL19013-1 Steampunk Mini Chess, design by CorvusA from Spain
  • 2019
  • Box 39.0×27.0×6.3