Denmark  (Other European)

Denmark. Danish sets from around 1800 are delicate. The 1st set is a nice example of an early Danish set. Very often you see finials in opposite colours, but not in this set.

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  • Denmark
  • ca. 1800
  • Bone K 6.2; p 3.6
  • Box 41.3×12.1×6.2

Denmark. The 2nd set is about the same age or a little later. It has the typical opposite colours in the finials. Further it comes in an interesting cassette (or box) with a board at the inner side of the lid. The cassette is signed by "BJ? Eriksson Stockholm". Most likely one of the previous owners.

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  • Denmark
  • ca. 1820
  • Bone K 8.9; p 4.6
  • Box/board (inside lid) 27.3×27.1×5.8

Denmark. The 3rd set here was indicated as Danish, but it could easily have been made in Germany. I have seen similar Rooks in a Geislingen bust set. I'm not sure of the date either.
There is another set, that could have been made in Denmark, on the Sweden page.

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  • Denmark or Germany?
  • ca. 1860
  • Bone K 6.7; p 3.1

Denmark. Who has not grown up with the Danish building blocks? Lego did issue several figural chess sets, but I do have only one. See Denmark  (Europe). This "Iconic Chess Set", set number 40174, is a more or less playing set.

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  • Denmark, Lego 40174, "Iconic Chess Set"
  • 2019
  • Plastic K 8.8; p 4.6
  • Box/board 25.5×25.5×4.6