“Coffeehouse”  (Germany)

Germany. "Coffeehouse" sets of Germany are less common as the Vienna ones. There were several makers in the Ore Mountains like Uhlig and Wittig. The first set listed here is a real beauty and probably made by either one of those makers. The box is original I think, because it is periodical, made as chess box and fits the set very well. But I'm not 100% sure, as others could not tell me.

The "Coffeehouse" set from Oberlausitz came together with the "Régence" set in the same sideway sliding box. Like that "Régence" set it can be Polish, a few km from Oberlausitz.

Set 3 is a wartimes poverty set, always sold as glass. I have seen them in war boxes for he war front. I call this rather common set "Coffeehouse inspired", but is that designed so!?

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  • Germany, Ore Mountains, maybe by Uhlig or Wittig, "coffeehouse"
  • ca. 1930
  • Wood K 9.9; p 4.7
  • Box 24.8×13.6×7.7
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  • Germany, Oberlausitz, "coffeehouse"
  • ca. 1925
  • Maple K 6.6; p 3.0
  • Box 19.2×12.4×6.4
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  • Germany, "coffeehouse inspired"
  • ca. 1940
  • Glass K 5.1; p 2.7