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“Coffeehouse”  (Germany)

Germany. "Coffeehouse" sets of Germany are less common as the Vienna ones. There were several makers in the Ore Mountains like Uhlig and Wittig. The first set listed here is a real beauty and probably made by either one of those makers, as is told to me. On the other hand it is very similar to Austrian sets, apart from the way the pieces are felted and finished. The box could be original I think, because it fits the set very well. But I'm not 100% sure, as others could not tell me.

The "Coffeehouse" set from Oberlausitz came together with the "Régence" set in the same sideway sliding box. Like that "Régence" set it can be Polish, a few km from Oberlausitz.

Set 3 is a wartimes poverty set, always sold as glass. I have seen them in war boxes for he war front. I call this rather common set "Coffeehouse inspired", but is that designed so!?

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  • Germany, Ore Mountains, maybe by Uhlig or Wittig, "coffeehouse"
  • ca. 1930
  • Wood K 9.9; p 4.7
  • Box 24.8×13.6×7.7
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  • Germany, Oberlausitz, "coffeehouse"
  • ca. 1925
  • Maple K 6.6; p 3.0
  • Box 19.2×12.4×6.4
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  • Germany, "coffeehouse inspired"
  • ca. 1940
  • Glass K 5.1; p 2.7