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Mongolia  (Asia)

Mongolia. Three nice examples of Mongolian chess sets. Although figural, these sets are made for play indeed. The Mongolian play chess with some different rules. They also do have their own names for the pieces: Noyon (King), Bers (Queen), Teme (Bishop), Mori (Knight), Tereg (Rook) and Fu (Pawn).

Dating these sets is a bit problematic. At the internet they were described as about 100 years older, being 18th century. But I do have my doubts and dated the sets as I believe is more likely. Maybe the 1st set here is older.

I got rid of the two yak-wool boards because they were pretty affected by moth larvae. Unfortunately, other cloths in my house had been affected too. All in all I had severe damage which was not reimbursed by insurance (attack by moths is explicitly excluded!).

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  • Mongolia
  • 19th century
  • Wood K1 5.1; p1 2.3; K2 4.1; p2 1.8-2.1
  • Box 15.2×9.8×8.0
  • Board of recent date 29.8×29.0×1.2
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  • Mongolia
  • 19th century
  • Wood K1 3.9; p1 2.2-2.9; K2 4.1; p2 1.8-2.5
  • Board of recent date 23.8×24.3×0.5
  • Cups of recent date Ø 8.3 by 12.5 high
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  • Mongolia
  • 19th-20th century
  • Wood K 4.4; p 1.7-2.0
  • Box 17.4×9.1×7.4
  • Each side has, traditionally, a male and a female camel and horse