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Israel  (Asia)

Israel. Yemenite filigree work, made of silver wire, one side natural with turquoise and the other gold plated with ruby gemstones from the dead see. Most pieces marked on the bottom "Made in Israel" and "925" (this means sterling silver), a few marked "Sterling" and a couple unmarked.
With operation "The Magic Carpet" during 1949-1950 the new state Israel rescued many Jews living in Yemen. Some were Jewelers and shortly after they settled in their new country they started to work their old trade. These sets were made during 1950ies-1960ies by only a few talented individuals. Not many sets were made, they were fairly expensive and sold mainly in high end tourists stores (such as "Mas-kit"). Because the extensive work, time and cost required it was not very profitable and the trade (and the people) died with time.

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  • Israel
  • 1950ies-1960ies
  • Silver wire K 7.5-8.0; p 4.1

Israel. I cannot tell much about this nice olive wood set from Israel.

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  • Israel
  • 1976
  • Olive wood K 8.6; p 4.6