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Stud sets  (Symbols & Figurines)

Here are 2 "Stud" sets. The left one is from De La Rue and the right one from a USA source (I believe).

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  • England, by De La Rue
  • ca. 1910
  • Bone pieces Ø 1.4
  • Box 22.7×11.5×2.6
  • Board 15.5×15.5 (inside border)

On the clasp "TDLR" ("Thomas De La Rue")
I have also seen: "TdLR". There are also sets known with "DLRLd" on the clasp. In 1958 the company dropped Thomas in their name. Question is whether these sets could have been made after 1958 as well ?

J. C. Vickery, luxury retailers of Regent Street, London did sell such travel sets, but this one doesn't bear their name.

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  • USA
  • ca. 1910
  • Enamelled brass pieces Ø 1.4
  • Box 22.9×11.6×2.6
  • Board 15.5×16.0 (inside border)