Peru  (Americas)

Peru. These ceramic sets are made for the fair trade market. The 1st set was imported by the Foundation Cusco Peru. This Foundation is run by a single woman, Rosa Maria Noom-Serrudo. She imports arts and crafts from Peru, Mexico and Guatemala and does so only for the fair trade shops in the Netherlands. The 2nd set was bough at Emporio Titano, San Marino. On one side the King, Queen, Bishop and pawn as Western figures, probably clergy. King, Queen, Bishop and pawn of the other side are Inca figures. Notable difference is that the Western party has a real horse, while the Inca party has a lama as Knight. The Rooks are grove construction work.

034 02
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  • Peru, Cusco
  • 1999
  • Ceramic K 5.8+5.5; p 3.3
  • Board 23.9×23.9
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  • Peru, Cusco
  • 2000
  • Ceramic K 6.4+6.9; p 3.9
  • Board 30.0×30.0