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“Régence”  (Germany)

"Régence" sets of Germany are, just like the French, hard to date. However, the history of the German "Régence" sets does not go that far back as the French. I believe mid to late 19th century are the oldest. Often it is even hard to tell the origin, so I'm not sure they are all German here. Don't hesitate to leave a message if you see something that's incorrect!

Germany. This "Régence alike" set has been bought in Vienna and could be Austrian as well. Not sure of age, but could be 19th century or early 20th century? Unfortunately it misses 2 pawns and has some damage at the crowns.

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  • Germany or Austria, "Régence alike"
  • 19th century?
  • Maple? K 9.7; p 4.5

Germany. This "Régence" set could be French. I have to say that I'm not 100% sure of age as well. I have put it in a mid 19th century German box which could once have contained a somewhat large Nuremberg set. I do not know in what box this Régence set had been sold originally.

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  • Germany or France?, "Régence"
  • 19th century
  • Bone K 8.4; p 4.1
  • Box (not original) 18.0×11.4×12.0

Germany. The next 6 "Régence" sets listed could be French, from Sudetenland or Polish, but I have listed the sets here because of what I think is most likely. They all are, I think, 20th century and German. I have put a '?' when not sure. Maybe the 1st is French. The set with indication Sudetenland? may be much older (based on comparison with the Sudetenland set at Czechia (Other European) page). The set with indication Oberlausitz, came together with the "Coffeehouse" set in the same sideway sliding box. Like that "Coffeehouse" set it can be Polish, few km from Oberlausitz.

All 6 are cheap sets. No real value for the true collector, but just informative. Except 1st and 2nd are they rather small and not very suitable for normal play. Maybe they are intended as travel sets, but then I mis the boards. Could have been part of games compendium as well.

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  • Germany or France?, "Régence"
  • Early 20th century
  • Wood K 9.1; p 4.5
  • Bought in England
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  • Germany?, "Régence"
  • Early to mid 20th century
  • Wood K 7.5; p 3.5
  • Box/board was part of the deal!
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  • Germany?, "Régence"
  • Early to mid 20th century
  • Wood K 6.0; p 3.2
  • Box/board 20.0×10.4×5.5
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  • Germany? or Sudetenland?, "Régence"
  • ca. 1960 or older?
  • Wood K 6.3; p 3.1
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  • Germany, Oberlausitz, "Régence"
  • 1960
  • Abachi K 5.1; p 2.2
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  • Germany, "Régence"
  • 1970
  • Boxwood K 6.0; p 3.1