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Greece  (Europe)

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Greece. Actually I didn't know much of this chess set, until I found (and bought) one in original box in autumn 2019. So now I have prove it is Greek and made by Metalotehniki in Athens. Both sets differ slightly, like the knights and rooks. Also colour and maybe material? differ, but that could also be because the 1st set has been exposed for a long time. Maybe the 2nd set is of more recent date?

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  • Greece
  • 1982
  • Metal K 5.4; p 2.4
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  • Greece, Athens, by Metalotehniki
  • 1982
  • Metal K 5.3; p 2.4
  • Cassette 23.2×21.2×2.4

Greece. This set, in original box as well, was bought together with the set above in autumn 2019. It is a Greek set made by G.Dagiandis&Co in Athens. In this set are the silver and gold pieces not always clearly distinguished.

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  • Greece, Athens, by G.Dagiandis&Co
  • 1982
  • Metal K 4.0; p 2.4
  • Cassette 24.0×21.3×3.3

Greece. This set however, although bought in Greece, could have been made elsewhere (by Italfama in Italy?)

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  • Greece
  • 1982
  • Metal K 4.2; p 2.9

Greece. This set is still for sale today. This is what is stated at the Manopoulos side about this set: "This period was characterized by fierce local as well as international wars. The aggressiveness of the Pawn and the Knight fully represent the ferocity of these wars. The posture of the King and Queen indicates their unquestionable leadership. The Bishop reveals his consideration for the movements of the imminent battle. Finally, the Castle is a reproduction of a pillar which characterized the architectural style during that period."  Note that the image is a stock photo.

  • Greece, Paleo Faliro, Manopoulos, "Greek-Roman" ("F11")
  • 2000
  • Brass K 9.7; p 6.1
  • Board 44.0×44.0