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Argentina. This is an interesting "Staunton" set, made for the benefit of the 1939 Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aires, at that time called: "Torneo de las Naciones". The set is named "Magistral" and made of "Fenolit", which is a product of the Bakelite company Malaspina, Ferrari & Cia. The pieces have been made in moulds and seams are clearly visible. This set has its original (is it? similar box was used for wooden sets used in Olympiad of 1978) wooden box, but other sets do have a Fenolit box in the form of a big Rook (see last picture). I have no evidence that the "Fenolit" sets were actually used in the tournament. The pamphlet gives interesting information. See pictures.

The Olympiad itself was also remarkable. During the tournament the WWII started and a lot of players did not return to their homeland, like for instance Najdorf. There was a controversial outcome because not all matches were played and got a fixed result. Germany insisted of a 4-0 to Palestine, who refused to play against the German. England did withdraw.

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  • Argentina, Buenos Aires, "Magistral", "Staunton"
  • 1939
  • fenolit/bakelite K 9.4; p 5.0
  • Box 26.1×17.5×8.9
  • Made for Olympiad of Buenos Aires in 1939

Argentina. This wooden set is an abstract set made in a series of 100 in favour of Unicef. The set here is set No. 6. This abstract set may not be meant that much to play with, but more as decorative set. Maybe I will move it to the To Look At pages some day. These sets were sold at the 1978 Chess Olympiad in Buenos Aires.

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  • Argentina
  • 1978
  • Wood K 11.4; p 5.8
  • Design: Demetrio Karavokiris, Campana, Argentina
  • Modelo Funcional Linea Geometrica, for Unicef, no. 6 of 100 numbered sets