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Zimbabwe  (Africa)

Zimbabwe sets from soapstone are less common than the kisii stone (which is a soft kind of soapstone) ones from Kenya. Striking at these sets from Zimbabwe is that the Knight is also a human figure.

I do not know much of the first 2 sets. Actually they let me think of the sets from Malawi. The unpainted 1st set has very subtle colour differences which are hard to see, even at the picture.

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  • Zimbabwe
  • 1989
  • Soapstone K 10.1; p 3.9
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  • Zimbabwe
  • Late 20th century
  • Soapstone K 10.8; p 4.1-4.8

Zimbabwe. Of the third set could seller not tell me age or origin, but in Munger is a similar set from Zimbabwe.

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  • Zimbabwe
  • 2000
  • Soapstone K 11.5; p 4.5

Zimbabwe. The wooden set consist of animal figures: King and Queen are lion and lioness, Bishop is rhino, Knight is water buffalo, Rook is elephant and pawn is hippo. All animals are on a conical base.

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  • Zimbabwe
  • 2008
  • Wood K 7.5; p 3.5