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Travel  (Netherlands)

Netherlands. This small "Chess and draughts" set was a gift of a member of my chess club. He had bought it in the Netherlands in 1948. Recently I bought a travel set of unknown origin with exact the same pieces. See my Unknown-travel (Othereurope) page. Jaques did sell travel chess sets in a leather case with exactly the same pieces. The pieces must have been made by the same manufacturer, but unclear is who that is.

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  • Netherlands, chess and draughts (10x10)
  • 1948
  • Plastic pieces 1.4 (2.0 with pin); checkerdisk 0.8 (1.3 with pin) and Ø 1.0
  • Box/board 16.6×16.6×2.8 (closed)

Netherlands. This can with chess motives containing a little travel set was a gift.

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  • Netherlands, by HEMA
  • 2021
  • Wood K 3.8; p 1.9
  • Board cardboard 18.3×18.3
  • Can 19.8×12.4×4.1
  • Pieces based on "Staunton"

Netherlands. Throughout my life as collector I got a  bunch of travel chess sets. Here you see a number of them. All are cheap plastic sets, except for the last, which is a small multiple games set in wood. Of the 2nd I do have a set from Austria as well. See Travel (Austria) page.