Czechia  (Other European)

Czechia. These Czech or Czechoslovakian sets have different designs and origin. The first set has similarities with "Selenus" sets and is from Sudetenland.

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  • Czech, Sudetenland
  • ca. 1900
  • Wood K 10.0; p 5.0
  • Rollboard

Czechia. The second set is a typical "Coffeehouse" set, not from Vienna this time, but from Fidet, a Czech company.

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  • Czech, by Fidet, "coffeehouse"
  • ca. 1900-1910
  • Maple K 7.7; p 3.7
  • Box 18.7×13.7×5.1

Czechia. These 2 sets are called "Czech design" or "Czech Tournament" sets, which are made from early/mid 20th century to the present day, for instance in Romania. The 1st set listed here was made in Czech before it was part of Eastern bloc under Soviet Union and the 2nd one during that period. These sets are also found in Austria and Hungary, but I do not think they were made there. The older set has full wooden knights, but the newer has knights with plastic heads. Full plastic sets do exist as well. The full wooden knight here is almost equal to the knight of the Fidet "Coffeehouse" set, an indication that Fidet could have made that particular "Czech Tournament" set. November 2019 I saw a picture of the 1963 Czech Championship where they used such a set.

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  • Czech, by Fidet, Czech design
  • Early 20th century
  • Maple K 10.2; p 4.8
  • Box/board 36.3×36.0×6.7
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  • Czech or Austria, Czech design
  • Mid 20th century
  • Maple K 10.7; p 6.2
  • Knights with plastic heads