Malawi  (Africa)

Malawi has several larger workshops, where, among other things, chess sets are made. These sets do have a tribal theme always. The wood used is very hard and it is amazing that they can carve that beautiful in it. The quality of the carving is often above average, according African standards of course. I do like these African sets very much.

The origin of the 1st set is an estimate of me, but I'm pretty sure. The age is more reliable. Very nice feature are the babies at the back of the Queens!

An uncle of my wife lived and worked for 50 years in Malawi, and he brought the 2nd set you see listed here to the Netherlands.

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  • Malawi
  • 1960-1980
  • Wood K 10.9; p 3.8
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  • Malawi
  • 1970
  • Wood K 8.8; p 3.8
  • Board 35.0×35.0
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  • Malawi
  • 1970
  • Wood K 10.9; p 5.2-5.6
  • Board 37.1×37.2