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Spain. The 1st Spanish travel set in this list is one of my favourites, in spite of the fact that some pawns and possibly a red knight could be old replacements. I love the simple form of the pieces and think it is a real beauty. The board is less impressive and has the clasp replaced, but does it's job well.

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  • Spain
  • ca. 1900
  • Boxwood K 5.0; p 2.6
  • Box/board 17.9×8.9×3.4 (closed)

Spain. The 2nd travel set does have neat pieces in the "Staunton" style. The lacquer has been unaffected, so I think it was never played with. I bought both travel sets in the same antique shop in Barcelona.

  • Spain, "Staunton"
  • Mid 20th century
  • Boxwood K 3.1; p 1.8
  • Box/board 15.2×7.1×2.5 (closed)

Spain. This plastic set is in the "Staunton" style, but the box states "Stawton n.° 4". That is typical a naming by Escardibul in Barcelona and I'm pretty sure it is made by them, although not 100%. "Ajedrez" is Spanish for chess.

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  • Spain, by Escardibul in Barcelona, "Stawton n.º 4"
  • 1960
  • Plastic K 7.1; p 4.3
  • Box 19.0×11.8×7.1
  • Board 43.4×43.2×41.2

Spain. The typical Spanish design of the playing set does have some Régence and Staunton influences, but stands completely on its own. I bought the set on a flew market in Barcelona for little money. Probably the set has never been used, considering the condition.

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  • Spain, Spanish design
  • 1980?
  • Boxwood K 5.9; p 3.6
  • Box 18.3×10.4×6.8

Spain. This tiny chess set was a gift of a friend, who had bought it in Spain long ago. Most likely this set is a doll house set. Too small to play with. It is the smallest in my collection.

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  • Spain, miniature
  • 1989
  • Boxwood K 1.6; p 0.9
  • Box 4.2×3.0×1.5
  • Board 6.2×6.0×0.5

Spain. Laguna Taracea (www.lagunataracea.com) is one of the companies that makes this marquetry work, called Taracea, based on Alhambra's furniture of 700 years ago. I know boxes like this one with a wooden chess set of Régence or Spanish type. This time there is a small plastic Staunton set. Not sure it is original. The box was a gift of one of the members of my chess club. A very nice gesture.

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  • Spain, Granada, "Staunton"
  • 2000
  • Plastic K 5.0; p 2.7
  • Taracea work box/board 30.0×22.3×8.3 (closed)
  • Taracea is based on Alhambra furniture of 700 years ago