Mali  (Africa)

Mali was the country where my brother in law and his wife did community work until 1988. They brought, at the Centre Artinasal in Bamako, the first set you see here as a gift for me and a similar one for themselves.

According Plain/III 2021 are these sets made in Sierra Leone by the Mende tribe. The queen has the characteristic high hair dress of the Creole women, a minority in Sierra Leone.

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  • Mali, Bamako, Centre Artisanal
  • 1988
  • Paduk + ebony K 11.4; p 6.0

Mali or Burkina Faso. This cast bronze set has been made with the so called "cire-perdue" method from ship-generated waste. According Munger/I 1996 are these sets stimulated by the colourful iron Burkina Faso sets. The antelope is quite like the famous wooden figures with long graceful horns carved by the Bambara, a tribe in Mali. The itinerant Hausa does trade the sets, which is the reason that not always a precise origin can be determined. I have a similar set listed at the Burkina Faso page.

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  • Mali
  • 1997
  • Bronze K 7.1; R 9.7; p 4.9
  • Note that a similar set can be found at Burkina Faso page