Mali  (Africa)

Mali was the country where my brother in law and his wife did community work until 1988. They brought the first set you see here as a gift for me and a similar for themselves. These sets were made by the Bambara tribe.

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  • Mali, Bamako, Centre Artisanal, by Bambara
  • 1988
  • Paduk + ebony K 11.4; p 6.0

Mali. This cast bronze set has been made with the so called "cire-perdue" method from ship-generated waste. Who actually made these sets is not known by me, but the itinerant Hausa does trade the sets. The latter is the reason that not always a precise origin can be determined. I have a similar set listed at the Burkina Faso page.

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  • Mali
  • 1997
  • Bronze K 7.1; R 9.7; p 4.9
  • Note that a similar set can be found at Burkina Faso page