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oddities  (Netherlands)

Netherlands. This "firecracker" set by Jelle Saris was made for my friend Jules Welling. Sadly my friend passed away.

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  • Netherlands, by Jelle Saris
  • 2004
  • Firecrackers 6.1 Ø 1.2 with symbols attached
  • Cassette/board 26.2×26.2×7.1

Netherlands. Sets with "glasses" to drink from are a nice gesture for a mad evening. Fill it with some alcoholic and drink every taken piece. Wonder if people do it that way? I didn't. Actually. I'm not sure the set is from Netherlands, but I got it from a colleague.

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  • Netherlands
  • 2004
  • Drinking glasses H 4.6; Ø 3.1-3.7 with symbols
  • Board 35.0×35.0
  • Includes 12 discs to play checkers