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Sets listed below are of Unknown origin and/or age.
If you know more, then please let me know...

The plastic let me think of Carbolite, but I'm not sure. The pieces exist of sections made in moulds, but only the king's cross and knight's head do have visible seems. Origin is unknown and some time I had put it at Russia because of the material, but the King with cross isn't Russian, I think.

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  • unknown origin, "Staunton"
  • mid 20th century (pre WWII?)
  • Plastic (Carbolite?) pieces K 7.0; p 3.6
  • Box 15.7×11.7×5.3

I can't tell anything about this wooden playing set. This set could have been made by an amateur, at least it looks like that on first sight. I bought it from a chess enthusiast in the Netherlands.

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  • unknown orgin
  • 2nd half 20th century
  • Wood K 10.2; p 5.3
  • Box 34.8×34.0×7.9

This wooden playing set looks as made by an amateur. Only thing I can say is that I bought it from the same chess enthusiast as the other wooden playing set.

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  • unknown orgin
  • 2nd half 20th century
  • Wood K 6.0; p 3.4
  • Box/Board 29.7×14.7×6.2

This metal "Burmese" set is more a curiosity. Further it is more a decorative set as to play with, but the antique ivory one is listed as to play with on China page.

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  • unknown origin (England?), "Burmese"
  • unknown age (1960?)
  • Metal K 8.5; p 5.3

This abstract set of glass is beautiful and one of my favorites. People always ask if I have a glass chess set in my collection, thinking on those common (small) Staunton glass sets they mostly have. I do have some as well and you can find them elsewhere on my site. But a set like this is always impressive.

  • unknown orgin (Germany, Italy, England?)
  • ca. 1980
  • Glass K 12.7; p 6.1