Unknown  (Other European)

Sets listed below are of Unknown origin and/or age.
If you know more, then please let me know...

This "Russian tournament" style chess set was bought in 2004 in Istanbul, just 1 year before Hippopotamus ivory was put on the CITES list. I have placed it under unknown, because I'm very uncertain where the set has been made. According seller it is a Russian set of the 1920s. Could well be in my opinion, but I'm not sure. Another theory is that in the 1940s these sets were brought to England from French North Africa by soldiers of the second world war. In England these sets would not be uncommon. However I have never seen another. Have to say that it is one of my favourites, not only because of the material, but also because of those beautiful Knights and the fact that they are very playable due to their stability and weight.

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  • unknown origin (Russia?)
  • ca. 1920-1940
  • Hippopotamus ivory K 8.3; p 4.5
  • The set was sold to me as Russian, ca. 1920, sperm whale

Not much can be said about this plastic travel set in the Staunton style. This kind of sets were often used as advertisement items. There is some logo, with a chess motive, on the outer plastic shell, but I do not know the meaning of it.

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  • unknown origin, "Staunton"
  • Mid 20th century
  • Plastic K 2.6; p 1.4
  • Box 14.5×7.7×2.4
  • Board 12.8×12.8

I can't tell anything about this wooden playing set. I don't think it has been made by an amateur, although it looks like that on first sight. Only thing I can say is that I bought it from a chess enthousiast in the Netherlands.

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  • unknown orgin
  • 2nd half 20th century
  • Wood K 10.2; p 5.3
  • Box 34.8×34.0×7.9

This wooden playing set looks as made by an amateur. Only thing I can say is that I bought it from the same chess enthousiast as the other wooden playing set.

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  • unknown orgin
  • 2nd half 20th century
  • Wood K 6.0; p 3.4
  • Box/Board 29.7×14.7×6.2

This metal "Burmese" set is more a curiosity. Further I would put an antique ivory "Burmese" set probably under "To look at". So I'm not sure I will keep it listed here.

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  • unknown origin (England?), "Burmese"
  • unknown age (1960?)
  • Metal K 8.5; p 5.3

This abstract set of glass is beautiful and one of my favorites. People always ask if I have a glass chess set in my collection, thinking on those common (small) Staunton glass sets they mostly have. I do have some as well and you can find them elsewhere on my site. But a set like this is always impressive.

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  • unknown orgin (Germany, Italy, England?)
  • ca. 1980
  • Glass K 12.7; p 6.1