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“St.George style”  (Germany)

Germany. The "St.George style" sets from Germany are presumably based on the English St.George sets and are often confused with them. I'm not so sure how common these sets are and in which period exactly they have been produced. Early 20st century is my best guess. Makers are unknown to me as well. I did not found the pattern in the Uhlig catalogue. I think the sets could have been made in the Ore Mountains, but that's just a guess.

The 1st set is better as usual and came in a box/board which could be original. Unfortunately that box/board is not in good shape, but the set is good, except for a few fly bites on ears.

The 2nd set is in its original box.

The 3rd set has a common box/board. In this combination the sets are more often found.

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  • Germany, "St.George style"
  • Early 20th century
  • Wood K 7.8; p 4.5
  • Original? box/board 34.8×17.3×6.4 (closed)
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  • Germany, "St.George style"
  • Early 20th century
  • Wood K 6.3; p 2.6
  • Original box 16.2×10.2×5.2
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  • Germany, "St.George style"
  • Early 20th century
  • Maple? K 6.5; p 2.5
  • Box/Board 26.0×25.8×5.2