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“Selenus”  (Austria)

Austria. This set has one newly made white pawn, some little repairs and damages as well. The box looks German to me. I doubt whether it is original to the set, or the set is German? It has been bought in Vienna, but that does not say it is Austrian necessarily.

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  • Austria or Germany? "Selenus"
  • Early 19th century or older
  • Wood K 7.2; p 5.0
  • Box 11.9×10.7×8.5

Austria. Unfortunately this Austrian "Selenus" set is not in a very good shape. It could have some replaced pieces as well. Nevertheless it is an interesting set with distinctive Kings, Queens and Bishops. The latter once had feathers, a feature you also see in "Biedermeier Coffeehouse" sets.

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  • Austria, "Selenus"
  • Early 19th century or older
  • Bone K 9.6; p 4.3
  • Box 13.2×10.0×7.0