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18th-19th century  (Austria)

Austria. These antique sets from Austria are old, but the exact age is unknown. It is possible that they have been made in 18th century. Who can tell me?

Curious is that the 1st set did have 2 sets of pawns. On the other side: it is missing a dark Knight. Rather some damages as well. It came in  a nice shaker box for tin figures. The 2nd set has one newly made white pawn, some little repairs and damages as well. The box looks German to me. I doubt whether it is original to the set, or the set is German? It has been bought in Vienna, but that does not say it is Austrian necessarily.

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  • Austria
  • Early 19th century or older
  • Wood K 7.7; p 1.9-2.4
  • Shaker Box 13.7×9.7×6.7
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  • Austria or Germany?
  • Early 19th century or older
  • Wood K 7.2; p 5.0
  • Box 11.9×10.7×8.5