Unknown  (Europe)

Some decorative and figural sets of unknown origin. All are thought to be European.

This set is made of a hard kind of ceramic, but not porcelain. Each piece has the makers logo (I think it is), as shown in picture, but I couldn't figure out who it is.
If you know, then please let me know...

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  • unknown origin
  • Late 20th century
  • Ceramic K 9.2; p 3.5

Theme is the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878 with at Russian side tsar Alexander II and at Turkish side sultan Abdul Hamid II. This set is quite well painted. Never seen such detailed work in such a set. However, within a month I did see another same set! Auctioneer said "European production from the 1980's".

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  • unknown origin
  • 1980
  • Lead K 6.5; p 6.5