“Austrian Upright” (2)

The archetype of the "Austrian Upright" is the Lasker-Schlechter (or Schlechter-Lasker!) chess set. The set listed here is identical to the one used in the match.

Austria/Czech? "Austrian Upright", "Lasker-Schlechter set"
ca. 1910
Wood K 12.0; p 5.2
Box 21.9×21.6×9.3
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Original Schlechter-Lasker chess set and table. Georg Marco, organizer of the Rothschild sponsored Wiener Schachclub, ordered a special chess table with good chessmen from a reputable joinery and turnery which seems to have been named Faludy or Kisfaludy, Hungarian names quite current in Vienna then as now. This is the famous Schlechter-Lasker chess set and table, which has survived two World Wars and provides the best known specimen of the Austrian Uprights.


There exist several derivatives of the "Lasker-Schlechter" set. The set below is a nice example. It is not known where these sets were made. Some say Russia referring to the USSR period. |Others say Czechia or Hungary. However, the original set was most likely made in Vienna by a joinery of Hungarian turners. Also Nicholas Lanier says that the sets originate in Austria - not the minimal Austria of today, but the larger Austria of the days of the Habsburg Empire!

Austria/Russia? "Austrian Upright"
ca. 1910
Boxwood? K 12.2; p 5.5
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