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“Russian tournament” (4)

"Russian tournament" sets have similarities to Staunton sets, but are a type in itself. Characteristic are the finials, often in opposite colour, on the Kings and Queens, which are also very similar in shape, the Bishops without incision, fat pawns and wide bases. You don't see religious features in Russian sets.

Russia, "Russian tournament"
Hippopotamus ivory K 8.3; p 4.5
The set was sold to me as Russian, ca. 1920, sperm whale
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Russia, "Russian tournament"
ca. 1945
Wood K 10.0; p 5.1
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Russia, "Russian tournament"
Mid to late 20th century
Wood K 6.6; p 3.6
Box/Board 34.0×17.2×4.9
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Russia, "Russian tournament", politic faces
Wood K 7.4; p 4.4
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