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“Upright”  (England)

England. This set is called "Upright". These attractive sets were designed for the Edinburgh chess club by Lord Jon Hay in the 1840’s. Jaques made sets called "Edinboro Upright", but they are also referred to as "Northern Upright".

The 2nd set listed here is not in the traditional "Upright" manner, but mostly called so. One can certainly say it is "Upright inspired". Dating is also disputable: some say early 19th century, but others say late 19th century. I tend to believe the later dating. This form exists also fully decorated.

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  • England, "Upright"
  • Mid 19th century
  • Boxwood + ebony K 8.3; p 4.4
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  • England, "Upright inspired"
  • Late (or early?) 19th century
  • Bone K 8.4; p 4.5