Travel  (England)

Travel chess sets like the "De La Rue Pocket" and the "De La Rue Stud" sets, as well as "Wallet" sets, are described at the Symbols and figurines page.

A travel set in "St. George" style, sold by W.H.Smith at railway stations, is described at the "St.George" page.

"In Statu Quo" chess sets are made by Jaques in different forms. This is an early example, with places for captured pieces, which dates it from 1857 onwards. The pieces are ivory, which was an option I believe. By default they were made of bone. That this is an early set, around 1860, can be seen at the very thin pins that easily bend if you lock the pieces while not completely down. Maybe that is the reason that Jaques switched to pieces with significantly thicker pins. Also the holes in the board are smaller, because I noticed that pieces with the thicker pins don't fit well and only can be placed with brute force.

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  • England, by Jaques, "In Statu Quo"
  • Mid to late 19th century
  • Ivory K 1.4; p 1.3 (without pins)
  • Board 23.0×29.5×2.9 (open)
  • Slipcase 15.9×23.9×7.2

"Whittington" travel sets have been made in several sizes, the smallest I have seen is about 15cm, but the smallest in my collection is about 18.5cm. The largest I have is about 31cm. That all measured on outside, with the box closed. listed here sets with following decreasing sizes: 12, 10, 8 and 7.3. Also a lot of manufacturers must have made them. Jaques made signed sets like these in 6-8-10-12 inch. I 'm not sure whether Jaques mentioned outer measures or the measures of the inner board. Jaques adverted these sets under the name "Whittington".

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  • England, "Whittington of large size"
  • Late 19th century
  • Bone pieces 1.6 (2.4 with pin)
  • Box/board 30.6×15.1×7.2 (closed)
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  • England, "Whittington"
  • Late 19th century
  • Bone pieces 1.6 (2.3 with pin)
  • Box/board 25.8×12.6×6.8 (closed)
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  • England, "Whittington"
  • Late 19th century
  • Bone pieces 1.3 (2.1 with pin)
  • Box/board 20.2×10.0×6.5 (closed)
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  • England, "Whittington"
  • ca. 1900
  • Bone pieces 1.2 (1.7 with pin)
  • Box/board 18.5×9.2×5.2 (closed)

Sets like these are often referred to as  "Railway" sets. I believe because they were sold at railway stations. The example here is a bit larger as most of these sets are.

The pegged pieces, made by George Merrifield in St.George style, must belong to a travel set. Because there is no board, it is hard to tell what type it was, but I think it was most likely of the "Railway" type. Considering the size and pin thickness, the board could have been of the size of the "Railway" set above.

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  • England, "Railway"
  • ca. 1900
  • Bone pieces 1.6 (2.4 with pin)
  • Box/board 25.3×12.5×3.9
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  • England, by George Merrifield, "St.George" (pegged)
  • Early 19th century
  • Ivory K 4.2; p 2