Austria  (Europe)

Austria. This set, actually, has been made in Mittenwald, a small town in southern Germany, next to the border with Austria. I listed the set at Austria because of the theme of Austrians against the Turks.

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  • Austria or Germany?
  • ca. 1960 or later?
  • Maple K 11.6; p 8.1
  • Box 32.8×20.0×7.6

Austria. This set is a bit of mystery to me. Considering the style and presentation, I suspect it from Austria, Northern Italy or South Germany and of recent date. The pieces are marked with a three-pointed star as you can see at the base of the white rook, but I don't know what that means.

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  • Austria or Italy?
  • 2000?
  • Lime K 9.9; p 7.3