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Austria  (Europe)

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Austria. This set, actually, has been made in Mittenwald, a small town in southern Germany, next to the border with Austria. I listed the set at Austria because of the theme of Austrians against the Turks.

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  • Austria or Germany?
  • ca. 1960 or later?
  • Maple (or basswood?) K 11.6; p 8.1
  • Box 32.8×20.0×7.6

Austria. This set is a bit of mystery to me. Considering the style and presentation, I suspect it from Austria, Northern Italy or South Germany and of recent date. The pieces are marked with a three-pointed star as you can see at the base of the white rook, but I don't know what that means.

On the other hand: I bought this set from someone in USA who was unable to tell more about the set. The pieces were weighted in a strange way: there was some weight material in the bottom of the pieces covered with thick white felt. However, at most of the pieces the material had swollen and was disintegrated in some kind of powder pushing the felt away. Some pieces could barely stand, so I removed all.

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  • Austria or Italy?
  • 2000?
  • Lime K 9.9; p 7.3