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English makers Jaques-Others

Next to "Staunton", a lot of other chess set patterns is found in Jaques famous pattern book: "Barleycorn", "Calvert type", "Dublin", "Edinboro Upright", "St.George", etc. Jaques did invent and make a whole lot of other type of games as well. Below a few pages from their famous pattern book, what they are a bit mysterious about.

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  • England, by Jaques, "Nr. 24", "Barleycorn"
  • Early to mid 19th century
  • Bone K 13.6; p 4.9
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  • England, by (most likely) Jaques, "Calvert"
  • ca. 1840
  • Ivory K 8.4; p 3.9
  • Box 16.5×12.4×8.0

Jaques made travel sets of the "Whittington" type in sizes of 6-8-10-12 inch. I have several Whittington sets, but none are signed. See Travel (England) page for Whittington type examples.