Welcome to my schaak-museum.

This site is about my own sets with my own view and opinion on it.
I have listed a number of items, but I'm still working on it and it will grow.
Feel free to give any comment using POST HERE... in the menu.

  • Added a Mexican bone Upright set
  • Added a Nuremberg and 2 Selenus sets to German page
  • Added an amusing Russia Tournament set with political motives
  • Added 6 new sets to Africa page
  • Added set, made in favor of Unicef, to Argentina page and created Columbia page
  • Started the Asia page with a typical Staunton and Moro set from the Philippines
  • Added a very interesting French Régence set with bone finials
  • Finished Americas page
  • Started Americas page wih interesting Argentina set
  • Finished the Austria page, with interesting info on (Biedermeier) Coffeehouse sets
  • Finished the Africa page
  • Added Austria page (NB: text to follow...)
  • Created German "Coffeehouse" page with beautiful Ore Mountains coffeehouse set
  • Added 2 wooden German Nuremberg sets
  • Added 1 set in manner of the "Toy" sets from the Ore Mountains, Germany
  • Added 1 French Régence set of ca. 1900
  • Added 2 African Makondi sets (birds and apes!)