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English makers Calvert

John Calvert worked from 1791 until his death in 1822, after which his widow Dorothy took over until her death in 1840. He is one of the top chess set makers, well known of his beautiful Knights. His "CALVERT 189 FLEET STT" stamp may be found on sets (on Rooks) or boxes.
This very early set, in signed box, is historically interesting because the Knights are in the 18th century manner instead of the later carved Knights. The long thread that connects the head to the stem is also seldom seen. Normally, Knights in such sets are monoblock or connected with a pin.
It is almost certain that the wooden set has been made by Calvert, although it is not signed and came with a box in which St.George sets of presumably Jaques are seen. Most remarkable are the exceptionally well carved Knights, which are made of one piece of wood here. A feature seldom seen in wooden "St.George" type sets.
There exists a "Calvert" type made by many. See Jaques for an example.

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  • England, by Calvert
  • 18th-19th century
  • Ivory K 9.7; p 4.1
  • Box 16.5×12.2×6.8
  • Box signed "CALVERT 189 FLEET STT"
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  • England, by Calvert? "St.George"
  • 1st half 19th century
  • Boxwood + rosewood K 9.3; p 4.7
  • Box presumably by Jaques 22.1×14.5×7.1
  • Knights are made of one piece of wood!