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English makers De La Rue

Thomas De La Rue 1st commercial venture was a newspaper on Guersney in 1813, but moved the printing business to London in 1821. In 1831 the company started to make playing cards, a division sold to John Waddington in 1969! In 1855 it started to print postage stamps and in 1860 banknotes (for Mauritius). In 1874 they opened a new factory in Bunhill Row, London. In 1881 they entered the pen market. In 1898 the family partnership structure changed to a private company and the De La Rue family left the business and the company became publicly owned. Today their main business is banknotes and UK Passport. On De La Rue site is a lot more of information.

De La RUE factory at Bunhill Row opened in 1874 and demolished on September 11th 1940

The name on the building is: "THOMAS DE LA RUE AND COMPANY". Pictures are unclear, but 2nd one seems to show a small "Limited". I could not find out if "Limited" was added in the period between the 2 pictures or was there from the beginning.

De La Rue in 1898

The name here is "THOs. DE LA RUE & Co. Limited".

Of interest to us are their Wallet sets and Stud sets. Such stud set has a clamp which can have different inscriptions: "TDLR", "TdLR" or "DLRLd". "Thomas De La Rue" or "De La Rue Limited", I think. In 1958 the company dropped Thomas in their name. Question is whether these sets could have been made after 1958 as well ? I have been told that's not the case.

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De La Rue wallet set and stud set.