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English makers Fisher

"Fisher" This travel set could very well have been made by Samuel Fisher. Collector Holger Langer describes a very similar set which is signed "Fisher" and "188 Strand". That's not a proof he made it, the sign could well have made on his demand. Samuel Fisher first shows up in the London directories in 1839 (as a dressing case maker), and continued through at least 1899. From 1853 onwards he is listed with the address "188 & 189 Strand". In 1882 the listings changed to Fisher & Son. Although it is generally assumed that Fisher was solely a retailer, he is also listed as an Ivory Turner in the 1865 and 1869 trade directories.

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  • England, by Samuel Fisher? "St.George"
  • Mid 19th century (sold as 1900)
  • Bone K 3.3; p 1.6
  • Box/board 15.3×7.7×2.8